The Service Team wants to know the things that call you, drive you, break your heart, or move you to action.
Your answers are confidential to the Service Team and pastoral staff.  We hope to use this information to connect people with shared callings, support people in the church who work in these fields, and discern how to work as a church together for greater impact.  Can you give us 2 minutes today?  One per family member--you can fill this out for each child in your family as well.
What is your (or your child's) first and last name? *

What is the best email contact for you (or your child)? *

Following are three questions about areas of interest.  You may answer one or more.  Please do not make choices based on how much time you feel you can devote.  We simply want to know the things that call to you and drive you, not whether or not you can commit to working in these areas at this time.

This next section is extra--you don't have to answer these questions if you don't want to!

Feel free to just click on through to the end without answering if you'd like...
What can you teach?

You can say more than one thing
What can you make?

You can say more than one thing
If you have a job, paid or unpaid, what is it? If you are retired, what was your job?

This answer can include parenting, school, retirement ways you spend time, etc.
What do you need?

If we were going to serve YOU, what would you need? If you are able to share, we as a team commit to praying with you about this and helping you find ways to meet this need in your life.
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